New Tutorial: How to Make a 3D anaglyph in blender

Hello! I have made a tutorial for “how to make a 3d anaglyph in blender. It is up on my YouTube channel and will be up on the website later. This tutorial was done on blender 2.6, and can be done on any version lower or higher. It is not hard, but you need to do this last

Here is the video:
Video coming soon!

Competitions! :D

Starting now, there will be competitions! I will try to make them monthly. Winning will earn your picture on the front page’s winner area, and forever on the wall of winners on the competitions page.


Cycles Render Engine

Hello. I am going to share with you an exciting new render engine! It is called cycles. It is still in development, so it is still a little buggy and crashy :P. It is very realistic, and acts like luxrender. Basically, it starts out with a terrible image, and overtime, it gets better.

The cool thing about cycles is the 3D viewport. When you are in the viewport, you can change the viewing setting to a new setting, called “Rendered”. When you switch the viewport to the Rendered object, then it will start rendering the current view. Now, the awesome part is, you can move around the viewport, and it will keep rendering. Even cooler, you can change the material settings (which are completely different) and change them, and it will rerender it and it will show you how it looks. You can even move the lights around, and it will update the rendered viewport.

Cycles is planned to come out in the blender 2.61 release! Yay! That is sometime this month.

If you want to go ahead and try it out, go to, and download the latest trunk that is fit for your system. For more information on downloading trunk builds from, visit the “how to download trunk” page

I will post more later.